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I Love You Already! by Jory John and Illustrated by Benji Davies

You might already be familiar with Jory John and Benji Davies, they’re the picture book powerhouse duo who gifted us Goodnight Already! back in 2014. Well this is their return and they’ve brought the two mismatched friends Bear and Duck with them!


“We can spend some quality time together.”


“I’ll tell you my life’s story.”


“You’ll tell me your life’s story?”




I Love You Already! is a side-splitting tale about the coming together of the two differing personalities of Bear and Duck. In this story Bear is very much looking forward to a relaxing day and spending some time to himself. Duck has other plans. Duck wants to go for a walk and there’s only one person he wants to go with, his dearest friend Bear. There’s not many of us who haven’t experienced some sort of a relationship with someone who runs at a different pace to ourselves. This brilliant book teaches us that difference  isn’t a reason to not like or love someone, Bear and Duck learn this too.

Jory John and Benji Davies have got it spot on again! A story full of laughs with a lesson, accompanied by engaging and humorous illustration. Could we ask for anything more from a picture book?

BB Rating: 4/5

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