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I’ll Wait, Mr Panda by Steve Antony

I’m a big fan of Steve Antony! I believe he is one of the most refreshing and original creators within the picture book world at the moment. His latest work, I’ll Wait, Mr Panda, is a follow on from Please, Mr. Panda which was released back in 2014 to great acclaim. Yet again we see the brilliant Mr Panda upholding the values of polite social behaviour.




‘What are you making, Mr Panda?

Wait and see. It’s a surprise.’




Mr Panda is baking something, but what’s he mixing up in his bowl? Many animals try and find out, but Mr Panda is keeping it a surprise, but one they will have to wait for. However, none of the animals will wait, apart from one, a ridiculously cute, patient little penguin. This is a really well produced picture book, the illustrations just make you smile and the story is a valuable one in teaching children the importance of patience. I can see Mr Panda becoming a household favourite!

BB Rating: 3.9/5

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