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Hoot Owl, Master of Disguise by Sean Taylor and Illustrated by Jean Jullien

Hoot Owl. Master of Disguise is the latest work from the brilliant Sean Taylor. This book is full of character and actually had me laughing-out-loud. Accompanying this hilarious story are some bright and bold illustrations from Jean Jullien which visually transcends the comedy of this tale for all those young readers still getting to grips with their words.



‘And here I come!

The night has a thousand eyes, and two of them are mine.

I swoop through the bleak blackness, like a wolf in the air.’



The protagonist of this story is the ‘dangerous creature-of-the-dark’ Hoot Owl. He’s a wily character, at least he would like to think he is such. Hoot Owl believes he’s a master of disguise and with his powers he’s on the hunt for a tasty meal. However after several failed attempts at finding a night time snack, we begin to question the capabilities of Hoot Owl’s talent for disguise.

I really enjoyed this book! Not only is it full of laughs, but it actually allows a young reader to gain an education about the sometimes horrific truth about nature. For as we know, not all owls are as incompetent as Hoot Owl and many rabbits, mice and other creatures find themselves gobbled up by such predators. The whole book is perfectly formatted for young readers, from the text to Jullien’s illustrations, I think it’s great! This one will give you the giggles!

BB Rating: 3.6/5

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