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I sincerely believe this is a book that should be read to all children. Furthermore, I believe the message this wonderful little story conveys is one which each and everyone of us should hold close to our hearts.

‘The GgreenlizardsREEN LIZARDS tried their best to defeat the RED RECTANGLES,’

Steve Antony is a truly exciting and reasonably new member to the world of children’s writing. In 2014 Antony won the Oscar’s First Book Prize and was also nominated for the Kate Greenaway Medal for his debut book, The Queen’s Hat, and with his recent publication, GREEN LIZARDS VS RED RECTANGLES, his talent once again blows us away!

Admittedly, when this book first arrived in my bookshop it was judged solely by the title as something odd, which differed greatly from the majority of picture books we usually stock. However, once myself and my fellow children’s booksellers opened it up we all fell in love instantly. It’s ridiculously CUTE!

Putting aside the engaging and wonderfully composed art work, Antony has written a short and powerful tale which is a real champion for peace. Yes the GREEN LIZARDS and the RED RECTANGLES are at war, but the message within this story is more than showing us peace is preferable to conflict. it’s about accepting difference and how through understanding we can live harmoniously, happily and together.

BB Rating: 4/5

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