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The Tiny King by Taro Miura

I love this book! I’m usually a stickler for more traditional picture books, but as soon as this book came into the shop it caught my attention. Why? It’s just fun! The Tiny King is the work of Japanese author and artist Taro Miura and was first translated to English and published by Walker Books back in 2013. The book was first published in Japanese back in 2010 (I think) and won the Sankei Children’s Book Award in 2011. Taro Miura uses cut-outs and collage to create bold and unique pictures to accompany this short, simple and heartwarming story.

tiny king

{This is the actual size of The Tiny King.}

Like most great picture books Miura manages to deal with serious issues in a child friendly manner. The Tiny King is about loneliness, the importance of family and being different. The king lives in a castle where everything is big! His bath, his horse, his dinner and he even sleeps in a ginormous bed.  Though this might sound fun to some of us it makes the king very unhappy, but things begin to change when he meets a princess with her own BIG problems.

I’m going to repeat myself – I love this book! It’s funny, visually engaging and most importantly it carries a truly beautiful message. This is one both adults and children will cherish.

BB Rating: 3.9/5

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